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Museum of Miniatures

 Museum of Miniatures

In the Ukrainian capital on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is the Museum of Miniatures author Nicholas Syadristogo. The museum’s exhibit includes the work of only one master, the talent is simply unique. Feature of his work lies in the fact that all his works he does by hand, according to a special technology to perform each activity. Only in this museum, visitors can see the unique creations, admire all its size and precision execution.

The author of Miniatures was born in Kharkov in 1937. He also graduated from the Kharkiv Art College, and then successfully entered the local Agricultural Institute. Next Nicholas Syadristy worked as an agronomist in the Carpathian region, and later – as an engineer at the Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. In addition to the miniatures, he has become famous in sports, becoming a master of sports of the USSR and the absolute champion of Ukraine for diving, which once again proves the versatility of the personality of Nicholas Syadristogo. Creation of thumbnails author has devoted much of his life, doing them for 40 years. It is thanks to Syadristy in the lexicon of artists, a new concept – miniatures.

Nicholas Syadristy known for his unique work, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. His work is in addition to the Museum of Miniatures in Kiev, also presented at the Moscow Polytechnical Museum and the Museum of microminiature, located in Andorra.

The museum’s miniature expand conventional notions of the limit of human capabilities. They affect not only its size and beauty, but also the talent of the author in the field of engineering. For example, Nikolai Syadristy is the author of the very tiny electric current in the world, whose size is 1 / 20 mm3, as compared to the size of a poppy seed is less than about 20 times.

Almost every one represented in the Museum of Miniatures is a unique and unrepeatable. Among them, rose in the hair – miniatures, representing the hair, the length of the cavity is drilled and polished to transparency, and within it placed a sprig of roses, thickness 0.05 mm.

Also noteworthy is the eye of a needle, into which the author has managed to put a caravan of camels, gold.

An interesting exhibit is the glass and petal chrysanthemum size 2×5 mm, which neatly engraved fragment polonaise Oginsky.

The author’s imagination has no boundaries: on a tiny piece of cherry stone 3×4 mm he painted a delightful portrait bas-famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya.

Mock windmill Syadristy could fit on half of a poppy seed. Layout includes 203 items made of gold. All of these exhibits are only a tiny part of the amazing artifacts that visitors can see at the Museum of Miniatures, located in the capital.

Visitors to the question, what knowledge and abilities needed to perform such delicate work, the author of Miniatures answers: “We should have some knowledge and experience in creating the figure, as well as compositions and plastics. Need to clearly know the properties of materials used in the work and a good command of her body to carry out the most subtle movements of the hand holding the tool.

Address: Ivan Mazepa Street, 21, Building 5 (on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra)

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